Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Diamond Head at Fibbers 23 November 2017

"I wish to sell my soul, to be reborn!
I wish for earthly riches, don't want no crown of thorns!"


Hello and welcome once again to another edition of Memoriae! Well, people don't read anymore.

*laughs like a madman* What the hell, let's get on with it.

I should have brought my DSLR camera for the recent Diamond Head gig to take photos. But life is like a party. 

Believe it or not, I nearly forgot about the gig and it resurfaced on my mind during Thanksgiving eve night πŸ˜† Gee, thanks brain. On the next day, I went out during the afternoon and was about to purchase a ticket from Ticketmaster booth in Jervis Shopping Centre and the seller said the tickets were only available online. I was like 'damn!'. Lucky enough there were enough tickets on the door at Fibbers on the night! 

The overall entertainment were pretty good. I don't remember the first support act band and they were a bit boring, good effort on AC/DC's Thunderstruck though. Then the next band Psykosis were stellar. It's your typical Bay Area thrash metal and it did brought summer into the winter scene. Some guy ate pizza while watching them live and gave out slices to the members, which I was like "WTF ARE YOU DOIN MAN??" πŸ˜†πŸ˜† This is my outcome after watching loads of Restaurant Stakeout and Mystery Diners on Food Network UK.

While waiting for the main act, there was a guy kindly approached me and asked if I looked forward for Diamond Head and yeah, of course I said that. He was an easygoing surfer based in Donegal and quite a charming, open-minded person, especially in terms of metal and rock music. Not too extreme, not too reserved. I hope his surfing trip in South America will be fun. 

And so the show started, Diamond Head literally brought lightning to the nations in a small rock and roll pub. It was a mix of new material and the iconic classics. It was a great feeling rockin' and singing along with Rasmus Andersen (by the way, he is a great choice for the vocalist for this one of a kind rock band) and waving devil horns to any killer solos, mostly to Brian Tatler. I still could remember "Am I Evil?", where he actually sang with me at the lines "My face is long forgotten, my face not my own! Sweet and timely whore, take me home!"


I have to say it was an amazing night seeing Diamond Head perform again. It may be something like back in the old days of the 1980s, but strange enough how this band did not broke to the mainstream. Same goes to Angel Witch and when will they ever play again in Dublin??? 

We have our British rock and metal juggernauts Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath made it to the huge crowd but Diamond Head did made the 4-piece American thrashers Metallica famous. Do you need theatrics to reach fame? No. I think there were some kind of untold story of how many hard rock and heavy metal bands are not still well known-- mainstream is actually a great sign. 

I mean Sweden has the finest Maiden-inspired black-metal band Nifelheim but the most popular black metal band at the moment is Watain. Both of these bands are closely-knitted and both have Bathory influences. 

Off the genre chart there but the similarity is obvious. To wrap it up, I really enjoyed the show and honestly, Fibbers should reintroduce long-forgotten rock and metal bands in the 80s that we should know about. If they are still around. And do more heavy-metal battle of bands shows. The BOA competition is kind of not my thing as some genres hit or miss. I just did not get it why Horrenda did not get through to the qualifying round.

Diamond Head is always welcome in Ireland! Oh, they used my crappy video footage from my instagram and they thanked everyone for attending the show! \m/ Always a pleasure! Keep bringing lightning to the nations. It's more than London and New York, you know.




Sunday, 19 November 2017

Don't leave us here on earth with today's wimpy music

Hello again, welcome to Memoriae! Let's start off with this AC/DC classic "Highway to Hell".

The world of rock and roll shook once again that Malcolm Young passed away from dementia yesterday, at a young (yes, it is young) age of 63. Bon Scott must be leaped with joy to see him again on the other side! 
You can't pass by without acknowledging him co-started AC/DC with Angus in the 1970s and the band simply found another effective electrical outlet to generate better rock and roll music, and in turn made the rock genre itself a rebellious modern culture worldwide. Be nice to your dad rockers, they worked hard enough to feed you while he rocked on to his rock classics every. single. bloody. day. at. work.

This essay is not about AC/DC, I am now directing to the title. I believe millenials like us took rock music by granted. It's like SABBATH THIS, SABBATH THAT, NOT ANOTHER LED ZEP / ACDC / LIZZY DISGUISED TRIBUTE BAND--

But when our rock (and metal) icons passed away, the tone simply turned "hey, it is expected. They are getting old". Unless by suicide: "what a selfish father!" lol

Don't you think it's time we should do something to preserve and promote rock music culture apart from running rock shows, documentaries, charities and album reviews? Right now fashion retails simply MISUSE band logos (how metal music got lumped into the equation??) to sell their crap shit and fashionistas in general can't even bother to listen how AC/DC, The Ramones, The Rolling Stones, Metallica and Slayer sound like πŸ˜† Even one customer admitted that she thought Metallica is a sub brand fashion name. What do they thought The Rolling Stones are? Basic bitch wear?

 I always dread watching Scuzz and to be honest, the "metal" bands generation z love nowadays are getting confused and losing identity. It's just angry kids literally being angry about growing up and break ups. Unlike how rock music made anger as a healthy, satirical apprearance in the music. Lots of wit, balls and steel. 

I think it is time to make rock and roll as flamboyant, ballsy and spirited as it used to. In pursuit of money, fame and fortune or just be a part of the rock music community--- keep the flames burning high!


Friday, 17 November 2017

"Our Flesh..." , "The Returning" -- new Watain-themed artworks

"Let's make one thing clear: 
the world you live in is hollow."

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog Memoriae once again. 
I suppose I am maintaining my insanity by doing job hunt routines, drawings and posting blogs on my completed works. Why? Because life is now a ghost town, in real life and the internet.

I have also limited my time on the internet because this platform has become too saturated with the generation I could not even bother to care. I find going out for walks make things less of a depressing place. 

So let's just get on with this commitment and hope you'll enjoy my curations of my illustrations.

"Our flesh to burn, our minds to turn"

I completed this illustration last night and I was really marvelled by the bold intensity of the elements I put in--- nearly drove me crazy by made my life difficult πŸ˜‚ but while my mind was in that direction, don't steer away!--- 

A day later, I don't know what happened, the power just lacked a bit when I woke up grumpy. I lacked coffee, really.

The title is obviously from Watain "Nuclear Alchemy" which the original lyric is "Our flesh must burn to flame our minds must turn". It created a fluid turning movement when I read the line, and the entire song itself was like continuous burning flames and from feeding them matter, they burn and scorch the dead earth more.

I visualise the "protective circle" as a virtual cauldron of fire. Part liquid, part gas, fluid-like. So to reflect the "pyromaniac witchcraft" quote, I added a sorcerer. You can guess who this man looked like, no comment there.

While sketching out the sorcerer, the thought of Ursula the Sea Witch came across. How horrifying she looked when she became a giant and stirred a whirlpool with King Neptune's trident to consume things she hated: the main characters πŸ˜‚ . Sad that she got stabbed by a ship pole, I was like "really". Fcking Disney, man.

So hey, I added a crown (it is also an alchemy symbol), cape, trident and tentacles (the citrine stones were spontaneous additions during work) to the sorcerer. Next, the point of him stirring a pot of enchanting hellfire, what was emulsifying into one. Well, the lion and the wolf.

 The lion took me ages to complete the colouring due to layers. And it has the knuckledusters (? why not, thingamabob sounds childish lol). Do you know who this lion represents?
Any ideas on the wolf? 

I like alchemy illustrations because you can slowly decipher what a drawing is. I am no expert at it as it is a complex subject to understand all stages of alchemy and it's fun to know. I started reading this around summer this year and hey, good timing. 

While the process is fiercely "cooking", the tidal waves were consuming a ship and boats, as side elements of destruction. So it is a burning mappa mundi in a way. 

Took me 2 days to complete the inking, colouring and detailing and my eyes need a break from using red paper! Got vertigos and it was not funny! I even cried for a pizza and a homemade pasta dish averted it.

"The Returning"

This is prior to "Our flesh...". I drew this 2 days later after Nuclear Alchemy track was released on Halloween.
To be honest with you, the beginning was rather hilarious. I wasn't sure what was I listening to and looking at wolf stock photos and of course, Moon Moon memes were also sifted through πŸ˜† I included that as well, until I found a wolf (maybe a fox, tags are not accurate most of times since internet users exploited SEO/search engine optimisation ALL THE TIME for new followers) leaped over a sheep. The sheep said "Goddammit Moon Moon, we are your food". I laughed way too much, and started to sketch out.

I didn't spend a lot of time working on it and made the wolf soldier rode on the sheep to return to the mountain fortress.

I like whimsical drawings. I wish I could draw more ridiculous styles like the ones in medieval scripts but it could erode a bit of the alchemy and metal music imagery. 

To conclude, I managed to produce two Watain-themed illustrations from one song. Nuclear Alchemy is a perfect comeback.


Sunday, 12 November 2017

"I'm your snakebite!"

Hello everyone, welcome to another entry of Memoriae!

I have a rekindled interest in Alice Cooper music after seeing them live on Olympia Theatre days ago. It was a fun and whimsical show with a dash of badassery. 

I was listening to Hey Stoopid album and there was a picture in my mind. Gotta draw that.

I named the illustration "I'm your snakebite!", simple as that. It is inspired from his song Snakebite and the lyrics are powerful, dominating and authority. We all know Alice Cooper is a macho man by heart, in a horror fashion. I am opening up to more of his 1980s albums and so on because I was not a fan of hair metal/glam rock genre or even influences in the past. If you think it that way, this shock rocker did brought this genre up a notch. Love ballads are not everything and each break up should not break your spirit.

Back to the painting, I drew Cooper wielding a snake walking stick, which was my visual interpretation of the King of Wands. It means you should be the boss of your life. 

Yet the mercurial (oh there goes the alchemy vocab πŸ˜‚) fire was portrayed as the fiery, stinging potency of the snake venom. This work screams of rock music, lust and power.

The stationery I'm obsessed with is the Uni-Ball Signo Silver glitter gel pen! 😻It's not the cheap ass glitter pen quality and the pigment was perfect on black paper. A touch of frost in silver. 

I am happy to create something like this again! I just want to hug my cds, cassettes, google play library and books as my fountain of inspiration and youth.


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Spend the night with Alice Cooper 2017 (Olympia Theatre, Dublin 2017)

Hello, hooray everyone!

stock photo from google

Welcome once again to my blog Memoriae! It has been a great week so far and yes, last night I went to see Alice Cooper gig for the very first time and it was SPECTACULAR!

I did not take any photos because I purchased the regular seating BUT the view was fantastic in the Circle area of Olympia Theatre, Dublin. It was raised at each row. I could see everything on stage, and that fulfilled my shock rock music experience! Videos are crappy but you got to be there!

It started off with a track I rarely listened to called 'Brutal Planet' and I have to admit, some underrated songs are BETTER live. Recordings can be either outdated in sound engineering but from my experience, live versions are always the best and made me love the underrated albums. Another track in between the show is "The World Needs Guts". It is a balls to the wall attitude for a good reason. Not necessarily physical power but you have to stop feeling vulnerable over some fears. It addressed better onstage. 

2 hours of classics and one from Paranormal (Paranoia Personality), which I found the latest album is a great triumph to its oldschool sound. Should be more. But I guess it was because of how to direct and choreograph some new songs onstage! 

Choreography? What the flipping fck are you talking about? 

Tsk, you don't understand Mr. Cooper's shock rock antics. I only seen the old ones and a bit of new footages but from last night, it was a complete horror rock and roll theatre show. The soundtrack is the Alice Cooper songs, and having some drama, wit and shock (not necessarily the guillotine routine, also the female figures (played by Sheryl Cooper) portrayed wicked or frail characters in Only Women Bleed and Ballad of Dwight Fry.)

Before I forget, there was a giant Alice Cooper frankenstein during the set of Feed My Frankenstein and it reminded me of Attila in tattered robes.

My highlight would be the drums in Halo of Flies. It was a long, marching, pounding drum solo and my hands were red from clapping to the beat and my palms bled in patches. It was that amazing, I mean the female guitarist shredded superb guitar solos prior Poison, which was a great element. The drums just stole the show. As intense as the drums in Iron Butterfly "Inna Gadda da Vida". 

The encore was a triumph, School's Out was an absolute rebellion, along with a neat snippet of Pink Floyd "Another Brick in the Wall". We raised our fist and yell SCHOOOOLSSS OUT FORRR EVERRRR with anticipation and come on, the majority of the audience were no longer in school πŸ˜‚
Well, no mid term and summer breaks but the struggle of having ends meet and do what you want with hard-earned money made life richer.

I was beyond happy to see Alice and the Coop gang last night. You never know when we'll see them again, and Alice is not old! He can stab you by wit if challenged. He has the passion at what he does. Makes me happy too that I am a teetotal and prove that anyone can be a bad ass at rock and metal music.

If only Per "Dead" Ohlin lives rather than cut his life short, he could see more of Cooper's antics. Dead had visual influence from the shock rock mastermind, only more dark and necro to cater swedish death/black metal audiences. That was my only opinion.

To conclude, I am extremely satisfied and amused to see Alice Cooper performed last night at Olympia Theatre. They need to come back to Dublin next year! 


Monday, 6 November 2017

Night's Blood

I mean it, I am back.

It has been ages that I did not post my art here. I just want to post one of my last year's works here.

I thought 2016 was a bad year but 2017 was too much for me. Granted that the album releases from my favourite metal bands are mostly great, I think new additions would be The Doomsday Kingdom and Nifelheim.

Watain will return on the wolf-month aka January 2018, for the promising album release of "Trident Wolf Eclipse". Chains of death jangling!

I am sure you want to know what happened to me this year. I am not gonna fall into a quick, rash tantrum over my efforts. Basically:

  • I improved my job hunting skills
  • I got employed as Front Office assistant (so called receptionist but it was nothing more than a cashier job)
  • Reading more books to compensate with drawing
  • Playing piano if not in the mood for books
  • Started living as a vegan
  • Did not malnourish from vegan diet but fatigue did happen from horrible work shifts
  • Grew unhappy with the workplace due to inconsistency and flawed team morale
  • Attended a vegan festival in Dublin
  • Enrolled in Computerised Accounts/Sage 50 Professional evening class
  • Workplace couldn't afford me at the office hence end contract
  • Started to do more illustration work
  • Job hunting
  • Ended my vegan lifestyle and now as a pescatarian
That was from the span of 11 months, January to early November 2017.

I see more as unfruitful pursuits in enriching my life, mostly veganism. I did not crave for meat, but why would most vegans condemn humans being omnivores? I was never the preachy one but could give a boot to cruel trolls condone animal violence.
It can sound less logical by saying "you are not supposed to eat meat! You don't hunt like lions or wolves! Look at the poor pigs showing utmost mercy in utter filth!"

It felt more like guilt and oppression. My mind literally broke the point by saying "why should you feel guilty? Why should non-vegans feel guilty? Weren't the lobbyists corrupted the agriculture in a way? Combining greed and glutton in the name of capitalism?"

I just ended there. Took me 3 rough-sleeping nights to rationalise things.

I felt I kept digressing but it had been an eye-opening experience to learn new values and ethics. I guess I am too critical due to considering both parties.

I am posting more art, music and books and will put more effort into it. Even recording my piano cover tracks. ☺


Sunday, 30 April 2017

I aim to be BETTER

Hej hej, hello everyone. I am getting used to post more often on my blog Memoriae because life, in fact, is boring without all the experiences written down.  

Basically I found my INCOMPLETE Watain illustration. Unfortunately, I have lost all the enthusiasm working on this piece. Not necessarily how 'shabby' the drawing was, the feeling when I watched them performed Casus Luciferi set in Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2016 cannot be matched with their final CL set in Stockholm Slaughter fest last night! (saw recordings on instagram and the show was unbelievably majestic!) 😯😣 The stage design looked more well-thought and inviting, plus the pyrotechnics that produced midwall-length fires which made me thought of Sephiroth burned Nibelheim mercilessly (and yes, with that murderous, iconic Final Fantasy VII music playing in my mind 😡). 

Right now in Dublin, the freezing grey weather has been more than a week and I am JUST struggling. I decided to call it a day for this illustration.

I adore this illustration, don't get me wrong. I think this would be my finest works ever made because comparing to my works in 2016, they were more simplified in terms of space use. I did few illustrations while putting this on the backburner and they too are as different as this number. There is movement, animation and the creative process and techniques. 

I used to hate using UniPOSCA paint markers (previously using Liquitex Acrylic paint marker and it is still the best brand) but if I really want that oldschool, traditional 80s heavy or thrash metal style illustration, this works well! It delivers that washed/stressed finish and it blends well with gel pens, felt markers and promarkers.

I was not only happy to discover new techniques to use for this project, but the time it took for me to complete each section. The horned vipers were the most time-consuming but the result was very pleasing. Like untamed fire. 

I knew I only had the tattoo detailings left for the rest of the musicians (Erik represented his eyes, seated below the Fallen.) I never realised it was time-consuming to search for tattoo photos of Pelle, Alvaro, Emil and Set--- a lot of them were in dimmed-lighting areas and poor image quality. This is what painters/illustrators do, the seek for perfection. But in my case, I really failed that part.

I just could not understand how did I let my depression took hold of me again and I am telling you, that was the last straw. I had to leave my work on hiatus while I was taking my time what exactly was I doing. As I said in previous blogs, I compared myself now to my school years--- I had stuff to do. I had reasons to complete my homework and art projects because I HAD STUFF TO DO. Why did I received awards like 2nd prize in Achievement for 5th year, and 1st prize in Diligence for 6th year??? WELL DUH, I DID STUFF!! (well, there was so much space to be ambitious at academics because I went to girls school all my life, the majority were keen on starting family or hairdressing. What I managed to experience that "unlike the popular kids" moment was being in a rock band for our Leaving Cert music practicals. We had fun playing 'Hotel California', 'Louie Louie' and 'Help!')

I instantly felt enlightened. I started thinking how to keep organised. Declutter unwanted things, read and study some things to keep me occupied. Have to say that revelation works and now I faced this illustration πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sadly I finished it as it is. But I aim to be BETTER.